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Sick & sitting in McDonald’s I’m so hungry and I everything here seems like poison and I’m trying to resist fur my health but when I eventually break and eat the McNuggets it won’t bee that different from the sonic poison I’ve been ingesting this whole time by listening to Michael McDonald cover Motown classics over their speakers…come for the poison McDonald’s, stay because you’re always already poisoned by at least one McDonald.

Today me and two of the crew booed & berated a white dude in a head dress at the Coachella pizza stand we are working at, and interfered with his attempts to buy from other servers and to have his friends buy for him, until he left, empty handed. Evidently he snitched to our boss because one of us got a talking-to, but there were no real repercussions for us. He, on the other hand, will never live down the shame of us being denied a $7 slice of pizza by three crusty peasants who are hotties that truly don’t like nobody. Obviously it’s no real material victory but it felt good to be so mean to him. also he had “live, learn” tattooed on his chest.

Me after finishing a book that every body was talking about three years ago

Me after finishing a book that every body was talking about three years ago

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4.7.14 is the one year anniversary of the passing of Tracy Weiman aka Queen Smiley. There’s a memorial poster on this blog you can find that explains why she meant so much. As I travel back into California again this spring as I did last spring, I’m reminded of her love, resourcefulness, tenacity, and disregard for the law. I keep seeing smiley faces everywhere and wondered why they were so compelling and gave me such joy. I think I’m vibing off Smiley’s energy a little harder when I see them. thanks. Rest in power.

Went to an infoshop in Flagstaff, AZ; they somehow had mad copies of Bros Fall Back and the volunteer asked me about the Greensboro Massacre

Love, as Absolute, should not be posited as a direct goal. Love, as Absolute, should retain the status of a by-product, of something we get as an undeserved grace.
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Comfort? More like chumpfort.